Who We Are

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allyis a thirteen-year-old rambling queen👑, who wants change in the world🌎, because it is required. She loves waffles and WiFi, and then of course, blogging, which she believes is the single thing that Internet created that is good (and funny cat videos😹). She created this blog to bring friendship, skills and waffles together🤝 because those are very beautiful…umm, things💖

ana is Hispanic, a little small and wears glasses. She’s a teen who likes doing a lot of things like blogging *obvs*, drawing, music, dancing, fashion and just a lot of things. She mostly blogs because she like to entertain people and have a voice in the internet.

athena is a British teenage girl who relies way too heavily on Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel movies and tea to keep herself sane, however, her obsession with conspiracy theories and the paranormal is slowly erasing all that hard work. She also loves creative writing, art, forensic criminology, mythology and folklore. She really wants to make the world a better place and make people happy, but doesn’t know how to start. Being pretty new to the world of blogging, she doesn’t have a ton of blogging friends but really hopes to make more with this blog.


chips believes she’s a mess. And she writes too, it’s like a part time job that happens in between eating cake and listening to music. She started blogging just over a year ago, it’s been this journey that has shaped her in so many ways, She has made friends with the most incredible people and learnt so much. Like it’s okay to share her thoughts and feelings, that internet best friends are so much more than just internet best friends and that shouting from rooftops is the best therapy you could ask for.













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